LinkedIn Business Page Management and B2B Lead Generation


Cold calling is the selling of yesterday. Building client relationships on LinkedIn is a vital part on any sales strategy if you are looking to build your business-to-business revenue.


LinkedIn has proven to be an effective tool to communicate and get meetings with Key stake holders in big corporates. This one-on-one interaction helps to bypass the gate keepers like the secretarial staff and marketing managers.


LinkedIn is a great platform to build your sales pipeline and do on-going marketing to your network. With good value-added content you can drive leads to your owned media platforms and keep engaging with them long after the first communication.


Why LinkedIn lead Generation

  • LinkedIn has over 650 million users globally.
  • Over 3.6 million businesses on LinkedIn in SA.
  • With the new Company Page, you can increase your following, without increasing your connections. And this is good news for people who are more interested in building their company’s visibility and business than their own.
  • Increases SEO.
  • One on one interactions with target market.
  • Have a blog section where you can promote your brand and build a network of your target market.
  • Builds brand and personal reputation.
  • Generate leads and referrals.
  • Showcasing products and services: With LinkedIn’s company pages, it’s easy to communicate what you have to offer, and to tailor this message for different industries, groups and demographics. Listing your products also allows you to collect recommendations, as one report notes, and “to drive traffic back to your website’s products or services page, which can ultimately drive sales.”

Why Does Your Business Need Its Own LinkedIn Profile?

  • Build a network of like-minded individuals.
  • Build your B2B brand on LinkedIn.
  • Ability to post to multiple groups and communicate with members.
  • Build a network of potential clients and businesses.
  • Ongoing communication to your target market.
  • Credibility in the marketplace.
  • Become a thought leader in the industry.


Our Approach

  1. Make relevant connections.
  2. Craft key messages for the brand.
  3. Develop intro messages.
  4. Develop 1 pager material to send with intro email.
  5. Attract the right customers with a good content plan.
  6. Develop sales approach and strategy.
  7. Ongoing communication with network.
  8. Weekly articles about your industry.
  9. Join conversations/start conversations.
  10. Tag key players for their input on our supplied information.
  11. Challenge the industry leaders.
  12. LinkedIn Updates.
  13. Get recommendations from existing network/clients.
  14. LinkedIn Blog Posts.
  15. Keeping in Touch.
  16. LinkedIn Groups.
  17. LinkedIn Comments Sharing.
  18. Content LinkedIn Ads InMail’s.

The Overall LinkedIn Strategy Will Revolve Around the ABC Strategy


For the lead generation and sales process to be effective we need to create a system that works. This 3- step process start with attracting the right audience, then building your brand and relationship on LinkedIn and then converting them to a sale.


A - Attract the right audience
B - Build relationships and brand on LinkedIn
C - Convert leads to sales


What Not to Do

  • Don’t send cold sales messages.
  • Don’t push product and services.
  • Don’t just promote your website.


When we want to attract the right audience, we need to start with the correct profile.


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